Revision Number

The Revision Number will contain information to allow the user of the document to determine whether they are reading the right version. The Revision Number comprises of the following components:

0·0a Working Status (in-house) prior to release of the first draft.
• updated after minor increments to the document
• removed prior to submitting the documentation for review.
1 Revision Status (draft releases for review) piror to release of the final “approved” revision.
• starts at 1 (one)
• updated when the document is submitted for review
• differences between publication releases should be visible using revision marks
• set to 0 (zero) once the document is approved.
0·1 Separator (Alt+0183).
1·0 Approval Status.
• starts at 1 (one)
• updated to the next number just before obtaining approval so the final “approved” document is a whole number
• approved versions should not have revision marks.
0·0e Fifth iteration that the author(s) have produced. It has not been released to the approver(s).
0·4 Fourth iteration that the author(s) and approver(s) have developed. It has not been approved.
1·0 First approved revision of the document.
1·5 First approved revision is being updated to accommodate change. It is the fifth iteration that the author(s) and approver(s) have developed. It will become Revision Number 2·0 when next approved.
2·0 Second approved revision of the document.

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