Painting By Numbers Project

A Painting By Numbers Project, known formally as a closed project, is where you are clear on what you want and clear on how you will achieve it. Typically, your company is repeating change of which it has significant experience i.e. you know from the outset exactly what resources (money, people and materials) are going to be required and when. Also, a mature body of knowledge (methods, procedures and systems) describing precisely what and how things are to be done will be leveraged.

An example of a Painting By Numbers Project is a developer commissioning another development i.e. more of the same.

The secret to success is to invest effort in drawing the outline and numbering each shape and then painting in the right order (light colours first to avoid colour run) and to check that everyone paints right up to the line. The challenge is to do it better, faster, bigger or with less resources than last time i.e. do more with less.

Turner & Cochrane’s Typology
Goals (the what): Clear
Methods (the how): Clear.

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