Five M’s Framework For Successful Communications

• Who is my Target Market?
• What do they know / understand / believe now?
• What are they likely to be worried about?
• What are they likely to be interested in?
(If more than one Target Market then consider a separate plan for each)

• What outcome do I want to achieve from this communication?

• What is the most powerful message given my mission and my market?
• What single thing do I want my audience to remember from this interchange?

• What medium is the most effective to get my message across and achieve my mission?
• What channel (email . . telephone . . face-to-face)?
• What surroundings?
• What tone?

Before (set standards):
• What will I do to find out how successful I have been?
• What will I see or hear or feel?
After (evaluate achievement):
• Did I achieve my outcome?
• What worked well?
• What do I need to do better next time?

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